Enhancing the Future of Transport and Urban Infrastructure: How to engineer smart, sustainable and healthy cities?

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Tudor Georgescu Incubator

Who this event is for

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This virtual collaborative incubator workshop offers a three-day, hands-on event exploring real world problems in the research area of transport and urban infrastructure for smart, sustainable and healthy cities. It brings together a broad range of participants from academic, public policy and industry bodies to identify the barriers and opportunities in three main thematic areas, namely urban emissions, public transport and urban green spaces. Expert guest speakers will present the current state of the art and research gaps in subject areas such as ICE vehicle emissions, electric vehicles and battery technology, emission related health concerns and green city planning. Participants will collaborate to generate ideas that have potential to bridge gaps and improve the wellbeing of city inhabitants. Alongside the three core themes, the incubator also has two open sessions for which participants are invited to propose particular challenges they face, innovative ideas or otherwise to explore, and that will help shape the agenda on days two and three.

What is a Collaborative Incubator?
The format of a collaborative incubator is based on Integrative Think Tanks (ITT), which have been successfully running in the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Statistical Applied Mathematics (SAMBa) since 2015. The key is finding a research topic within that enables participants to work together on exploring new and interesting real-world challenges within an interdisciplinary research area. The format is typically a series of short talks from guest expert speakers introducing broad questions on particular themes. Participants then work together in small groups of mixed expertise to develop the questions into well-defined research problems and outline potential methods for investigating them. These are innovative and prestigious events, which deliver excellent research outcomes (past events have led to papers, co-funded PhD studentships, and grant proposals). Ultimately, the collaborative incubator aims to facilitate the evolving industry, academic, and public policy partnership, and to support collaborative, practical problem solving

Benefits of Attending
This is a great opportunity to highlight the research problems you see in your subject area and to motivate researchers to work on your problem/research area for a couple of days. Incubators provide a vibrant working environment, leading to a high volume of quality research with impact. You may find some new collaborators for your research or get a new perspective on your current work.

The collaborative incubator also offers a great networking opportunity to engage and explore with participants from most all relevant sectors including academia, local Oxfordshire industry, knowledge transfer networks and research funding bodies, and local Oxfordshire city/county councils. With a view to further deepening linkages across the private and public sectors, this event aims to create an engaging space for colleagues to network and explore common areas of interest.

If you would like to participate, please submit an Expression of Interest by 2 April 2021: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSexzXF3NMmkvqhzycewBWliicqZ0eIBnjvTgvYcsGlBO11g8A/viewform

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the incubator:
Paul Henshall (Phenshall@brookes.ac.uk); Tudor Georgescu (Tgeorgescu@brookes.ac.uk)