Flowers and Volcanoes - An Artistic Tale of Two Post-80s Chinese Artists

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Flowers and volcanoes

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Glass Tank, Abercrombie Building, Headington Campus


Hei Lichee and 19Van are two Chinese artists born in the 1980s.

Drawn with a pen, Hei Lichee’s flower is like the cell that forms the entire creature. From void to being, from small to large, from few to many, he has created a series of CG illustrations of animals, insects, dinosaurs and planets. In Hei Lichee’s world made of flowers, there is a girl named Dorothy. Dorothy is the embodiment of all Chinese aesthetic feminine beauty and meanwhile conveys the human spirit that ‘everyone can be both an angel and a warrior’. Hei Lichee has created Dorothy in a variety of sculptures and bestowed life upon her.

19Van, an advocate for Daoist culture, has always strived to include Daoist ideologies within his oil painting techniques. He also incorporates the Daoist philosophy of ‘mountain and man’ and ‘seeing mountains as mountains’ into the creation of his works. 19Van’s representative image is ‘Volcano Kid’. Physically appearing to be a child, in its heart is a volcano; the child has a heart that is bursting with energy, each image of ‘Volcano Kid’ in the series of pieces representing 19Van himself.

Hei Lichee and 19Van are two independent artists, but with 15 years of friendship and creative partnership, they have often collaborated in numerous art and graffiti projects in cities at home and abroad, such as Los Angeles, Nottingham, Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai. Through collaboration, they have created a new style of two-man painting known as ‘19Van-Hei Lichee Art Graffiti’.

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