How SLOW can you go?

This event has now finished. Please see our events website for details of upcoming events at Brookes.

How SLOW can you go?

Who this event is for

  • Everyone


TOAD Distillery, Old Depot, South Park, Cheney Lane, Oxford OX3 7QJ


Come along to a family friendly fundraising event for Slow Loris conservation.


3-6pm - Children's activities including: nocturnalanimal face painting and pumpkin carving (£3 each) and mask making; slow loris puppet show; how to be a slow loris scientist.

3-7pm - Oxford Etsy Pop Up vendors (please bring cash!), nocturnal animal art exhibition, slow loris films and Rainforest Live from Java!

6-7pm - Cocktail Masterclass with award winning cocktailer Cat Rand - make your own slow loris sloe gin cocktail or organic coffee martini with coffee from the Javan rainforest! (£10 for 20 minutes including a cocktail).

7-9pm - Bar at TOAD, including Slow Loris All Day IPA from BigHug brewery, and barn dance party with music from London DJ Titania from T*** of Death.


Also enter our amazing Slow Loris Raffle with prizes from the Cotswold Wildlife Park, Natural History Museum London, Lush Designs London, Badgers of Bohemia, TOAD Distillery, Slow Loris T-Shirt Designs and more!


£5 entry - proceeds go to Oxford Brookes University's Slow Loris Fund and Little Fireface Project. Card facilities are limited; the nearest ATM is in the Gibbs Building, Oxford Brookes University.