In Conversation with Dominic Dyer - One of Britain's Leading Wildlife Protection Campaigners

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Dominic Dyer

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Dominic Dyer is one of the Britain's leading wildlife protection campaigners, writers and broadcasters. Unlike many conservationists, he became a wildlife protection campaigner after a career in government and industry using the skills he acquired in Whitehall, Brussels and the corporate board room to fight for the protection of animals and nature.

Dominic started working in the Ministry of Agriculture at 17 and during his career in Whitehall worked in wide range of policy areas in UK and Brussels ranging from marine environment protection to EU farming and trade policy. After a 20 year career working in Whitehall and Industry, Dominic turned his formidable communication skills and knowledge of how government works to become a voice for wildlife protection and animal welfare at home and abroad.

Today, Dominic is British Wildlife Advocate at the Born Free Foundation, CEO Badger Trust from (2013 -2020), lay member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Veterinary Nurses Council and a Trustee of Wildlife and Countryside Link. He is a regular speaker at wildlife protection protests, conferences and exhibitions and a contributor to the print and broadcast media on a wide range of issues ranging from the badger cull and trophy hunting, to the ivory trade and wildlife crime.