Leading Yourself Through Change

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Change Webinar

Who this event is for

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In response to recent events and current working conditions, we are offering a new range of support to individuals and companies…free and online.

This is the fourth of six 'Business School Bitesize Webinars' to hear and learn from leading experts and practitioners on subjects such as leading and managing in times of extreme change and coping with disruption.

Session 4 explores who we want to be as leaders and how we want to show up in the world. Using feedback we have heard from others, we can make a choice on how to behave, this may be out of our comfort zone, however the reward is that we have more options of how to be as a leader and get the impact we want on others. Also exploring how we can make these changes and balance this with feeling authentic is a key challenge.

• Define who we want to be as leaders and how we show up in the world.
• Explore the choices and impact we have on others in order to grow as leaders and perhaps have more impact.
• Use feedback to understand more of who we are, and how we are perceived by others and what we can do with it.
• Have a taster of some practical tips and tools to implement in making new choices about different behaviours and to see what impact we have on others.

Delegates will have a deeper understanding of who they want to be as leaders how they want to show up in the world. Explore what feedback they have received in life that may have puzzled them and see what they can do with it. With a growth mindset, (instead of blame) they can work out what choices they must have a different impact on others, hopefully be better understood and get the feedback that they would like. This may require them to step out of their comfort zone to try behaving slightly differently, and this can feel uncomfortable or clunky at first. The key is to hold onto the impact you want on others, and hence the feedback, rather than how uncomfortable it feels, and do something differently.