LGBTQ+ Lunchtime Showcase

This event has now finished. Please see our events website for details of upcoming events at Brookes.

Lunchtime Showcase2021

Who this event is for

  • Everyone




Oxford Brookes staff and PhD students showcase their research on LGBTQ+ topics at this LGBTQ+ History Month event. All Brookes staff and students are welcome to attend.


Adam J White - Student attitudes towards LGB staff - drawing on published and ongoing research on sexualities and masculinities within sport and education.

Diego Semerene - Queer Theory 101 - what is Queer Theory and how do theories of gender and sexuality help us re-shape and re-signify our (always already hetero-centric) everyday lives.

Ross Brooks - Darwin's Closet - drawing on how Darwin’s writings both accommodate and mitigate sex variations, intersexualities and non-heteronormative sexual behaviours.