Migration, enterprise and value creation

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Migration webinar series

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Migrants and refugees often struggle to access labour markets, especially during the early stages of their settlement. Consequently, they pursue alternative entrepreneurial routes to facilitate their adjustment. Within these realms of enterprise and employment, cultural heritage, food, crafts skills, etc. become valued resources in two ways. First, they provide migrants opportunities to maintain and celebrate their distinct heritage and identities, allowing them to become socially, economically and politically ‘present’ (or visible) in ‘host’ societies. Second, migrants’ cultural resources become enrolled in wider leisure and tourism economies, generating different forms of value for migrants and other actors embedded in places, including for example local residents and business owners. This session explores: a) how diverse migrants engage in enterprises, with particular reference to the ways in which they mobilise various forms of cultural resources; b) how their business and organisational practices intersect with ‘identity work’; and c) how other they and stakeholders are embroiled in practices of value creation.

Presenter: Professor Peter Lugosi, Deputy Director of the Centre for Business, Society and Global Challenges