Monitoring to Prevent Under-performance

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Monitoring to Prevent Under-performance

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Chakrabarti Lecture Theatre, JHB208, John Henry Brookes Building, Headington Campus


A main objective of sports scientists and elite coaches is the enhancement of athletic performance. Coaches and researchers suggested that enhanced recovery was seen as allowing athletes to train more and thus improve overall fitness (aerobic, strength and power) and technique and efficiency and simultaneously reduce the risk of experiencing overtraining. Although most coaches recognise that recovery is crucial within the sport setting, they often have limited knowledge of what recovery modalities and monitoring tools are available.

Prof Kellman's talk titled 'Monitoring to prevent under-performance' will give an overview of recovery, monitoring instruments, current developments of recovery, over-training research and it's application. The presentation will focus in particular on monitoring instruments to assess the individual's need for recovery.


About the Speaker

Professor Dr. Michael Kellmann is Head of Department of Sport Psychology at the Faculty of Sport Science at Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany). He also is Honorary Professor in the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences at The University of Queensland (Australia).

Michael is a member of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology, the German Psychological Association, and the Australian Psychological Society. He served six years on the Executive Board of the German Association of Sport Psychology and he is on the editorial board of The Sport Psychologist and the German Journal of Sport Medicine.

Michael’s current research activities include overtraining prevention and recovery enhancement, regeneration management in elite sports as well as the development of research tools for the assessment of recovery.

Michael‘s work has appeared in several publications. He authored the Recovery-Stress Questionnaire for Athletes together with Wolfgang Kallus and edited the book Enhancing Recovery: Preventing Underperformance in Athletes.

His recent book (edited by himself and Jürgen Beckmann) on Sport, Recovery and Performance: Interdisciplinary Insights will be published early 2018.

Michael has consulted with and conducted research for the National Sport Centre Calgary in Canada, the Olympic Training Centres in Potsdam and Dortmund/Bochum (Germany), and was the Head Sport Psychologist of the German National Rowing Federation.