Navigating from education to employment in crisis and uncertainty

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employment in crisis

Who this event is for

  • Everyone


Headington Hill Hall, Headington Campus


Why this workshop

Young people’s position in the labour market is increasingly precarious and uncertainty an ever-present dimension for young people living in protracted displacement and other crisis settings. Over the last decade, much progress has been made in developing frameworks to provide education in crisis. However, there is currently limited research examining the relationship between education and employment prospects in such contexts. Yet, policy decisions are often based on treating education as an unmitigated good. Key questions that we aim to discuss in this workshop are: How do young people move from education/non-education and into different forms of employment?; What is the relevance of their education?; How do they navigate the uncertain landscape of crisis settings to enter the labour market?; and, How do young people make use of different social positions in their negotiation with barriers and opportunities when moving between education and employment?


This international workshop comes out of ESRC/GCRF and IDRC funded research programme titled “From education to employment.” The project and workshop is in partnership with the Centre for Lebanese Studies at the American Lebanese University. The workshop aims to broaden our discussion by including researchers working in similar and other contexts of uncertainty. We aim for a lively academic dialogue where sharing insights, analytical approaches and empirical realities may help to advance this field of study.

Call for papers

We are inviting theoretical, empirical and methodological (or a combination of two or three pf those) papers on the theme of young people’s trajectories in contexts of uncertainty; We are particularly interested in the following themes:

  • From education to employment: intersectionality and its working in young people’s trajectories, focusing particularly on legal status, gender, disability, class and other social positions.
  • Education strategies among young people and their families in the context of economic crisis
  • The relevance of education for employment in the context of protracted displacement
  • Youth policies, how youth are categorized and conceptualized and its implications for policyand practice


The first half day of the workshop will be dedicated to introducing the themes, presenting results from our Education to Employment project and positioning the theme in relation to relevant policy discussions. The second day will take the form as an academic workshop.

We invite two types of interventions: 1) Paper-presentations of 15 to 20 minutes followed by discussions; 2) Short, five minutes interventions for a roundtable discussion.

If you are interested in attending:

Write a short abstract (up to 200 words), let us know what format you would like to be part of (paper presentation or roundtable presentation)

Send the abstract to: Zoe Jordan (

Abstract deadline 3rd March


There is no fee involved in participation. The workshop organisers will fund a reception on the first day and lunch and coffee breaks on the second day.