NECS On-Line lecture series - Prof. Myria Georgiou: Who speaks and how? The ethics and politics of research with actors of migration

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NECS Online Lecture Series (2)

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We are excited to announce the fifth lecture of @NECS Online Series on Media and Migration, titled "Who speaks and how? The ethics and politics of research with actors of migration", by Professor Myria Georgiou (London School of Economics). On the topic of her lecture, Myria says: "This talk revisits questions of voice in the context of the digital border and the intensified securitisation of migration. Drawing on the methodological journey of the project Resilient communities, resilient cities? Digital makings of the city of refuge, this talk will raise urgent questions about the ethics and politics of research on migration. Questioning not only the ethics of who speaks in migration research, but also the politics of how researchers and actors of migration speak, this talk will ask if and when research becomes complicit to a digital order of migration and when does it challenge it".The Media and Migration Online Lecture Series is co-organized by Giuseppe Fidotta (Concordia University), Mara Mattoscio (“Gabriele d’Annunzio” University of Pescara), and Dalila Missero (Oxford Brookes University), with the support of NECS and the Centre for Research in the Arts at Oxford Brookes.