Organisations, sexualities and genders

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Organisations, sexualities and genders

Who this event is for

  • Everyone


JHB 408 (Snow Room), John Henry Brookes Building, Headington Campus


Join us for a lively and informal evening of discussion and debate.

Leading academics in the field of management and organisation development studies will share cutting-edge interdisciplinary research on the questions of workplace identities, genders and sexualities.

§ What are the nuanced lived realities of LGBT+ sexualities and genders in organisations?

§ How do we negotiate heteronormative and homonormative models and discourses?

§ What does LGBT+ inclusion look and feel like - exploring “gay friendly” and queer organisations?

§ Management theory in practice - identities, intersectionality, relationships, intimacy, disclosure, harassment and discrimination?

Our guests will bring insights from a range of theoretical approaches to shed light on current issues and stimulate questions for future exploration.

The subject of LGBT+ sexualities and genders in the workplace is gaining increasing scholarly attention within organisation and management studies, with researchers committed to examining a range of issues such as identity disclosure and management, discrimination and harassment, relationships and intimacy, ‘gay-friendly’ and queer organisations, male-dominated organisations, and the negotiation of heteronormativity and homonormativity, often adopting an intersectional lens.

For the upcoming event, we aim to highlight LGBT+ issues in the workplace as a continuing site of important empirical inquiry for scholars, especially those who seek to examine the nuanced lived realities of LGBT+ sexualities and genders in organisations. This event will provide a supportive forum for presenting and discussing cutting edge organisational research that deploys a range of theories and approaches to shed new light on the contemporary issues facing LGBT+ employees, with the aim of exciting lively debate and future research.


Professor Nick Rumens
University of Portsmouth and Visiting Professor Oxford Brookes Business School

Dr Tessa Wright
Queen Mary University of London

Dr Anna Einarsdottir
University of York

Lindsay Williams
Oxford Brookes University


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