5th International Pre-Conference Workshop on Coaching Supervision

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Who this event is for

  • Everyone


Executive Suite, John Henry Brookes Building, Headington Campus, Gipsy Lane site


Keynote speaker Dr David Drake (USA) will be offering a pre-conference workshop on Friday 10 July 2015.

What is your story? Using the Three Windows to improve your formulation as a supervisor.

 In many ways we are our most important instrument as a supervisor or coach. When we are at our best our formulations are in sync with what our supervisees or coachees most need from us and the process. In this highly experiential workshop, you will explore the stories you tell yourself when you are working and experiment with new possibilities that would extend your range and repertoire.

The more we are aware of and accountable for our narrative patterns, the easier it is for supervisees and coachees to do the same. For example, the more aware we are of our own biases in the stories we tell and the more willing we are to be silent and present with people's stories, the safer it will be for them to authentically show up in the conversation.

We will use the Three Windows (AIM) framework and peer coaching to explore the:

  • Four gateways as a simple practice you can do to gain more access to your embodied wisdom as a resource in your formulation (Artistry)
  • Four functions as a frame you can use in asking yourself, "What does this person need most from me right now?" (Identity)
  • Four domains of mastery to explore what knowledge and evidence is most prominent in and absent from your formulations as seen in your case stories (Mastery)

Chairs process from our Narrative Design Labs to bring it all together and provide a fresh perspective on your supervisory dilemma Please bring an anonymised synopsis of a challenging or intriguing session to use during the workshop.

Pre-conference workshop fee: £80