Artist Teacher Exhibition

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Artist Teacher Exhibition

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The Glasgow Room, B, Harcourt Hill Campus


Two of our MA in Education Artist teachers are presently exhibiting their third year major project/research work. The Visual artwork is produced as part of an analytic autoethnographic research enquiry with the theme of Rules, Policies and Identity in Education: Confronting Tensions.


The two Artist are Alex Westmore and Sarah Hughes.



ARTIST STATEMENT -  My artwork aims to visualise elements of ‘hidden curriculum’. The research itself was compiled by systematically collecting and coding field notes and student interview data. Both of these methods recorded how students and I, as a teacher, interact with school rules. I am particularly interested in the potential impact that my teacher behaviour has on students’ ability to make meaning regarding the structuring of rules. I have been largely fascinated by the tensions that exist within such relationships and the small acts of resistance that are displayed. My use of materials and process during the making stages seek to communicate the concepts that emerged during coding. For example thread became synonymous with tension, a sense of unravelling and unpicking. The shapes and structures that I have used have evolved through the crystallisation of concepts resulting in a visual language that illustrates my process and resultant findings.


ARTIST STATEMENT - My art practice explores the impact of neoliberalism and performativity** in education. I have interpreted my field notes, performance management documents and researched literature through art based analytic autoethnography. Art making processes inform my thinking and increase my understanding of topics that concern me. My blog functions as a reflective fieldwork journal which documents my experiences on the Artist Teacher Scheme Masters programme since 2013.

Maintaining the integrity between concept, media and process is central to the way that I employ visual language as a research tool. I tend to not know if or how artwork is going to work out and this emergence approach is reflective of the unstable, changeable properties of meaningful reality. Meaningful reality is “contingent upon human practices being constructed in and out of interaction between human beings and their world” (Crotty 1998: 42).

**Performativity in this sense refers to the type of work that educators engage in as a result of the uncritical implementation of performance related policies. Educators become distanced from their humanist and collegial values, their identities fabricated and improvements to their work tactical.