Department of Mechanical Engineering & Mathematical Sciences Invited Research Lecture Series 2012-13, Lecture 4

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Who this event is for

  • Everyone


RLT2, R Building, Wheatley Campus


What is Technology: do we control it  or does it control us? with speaker Dr Roy Woodhead, ITO Service Manager, Hewlett-Packard

Lecture Resume: this lecture will be relevant to technologists and can help them understand various phenomena such as why two innovators working in isolation have arrived at the same invention (e.g. Swann and Edison inventing the light bulb), the role technologists play in shaping human development (e.g. the journey from Stone Age through numerous inventive steps to the Internet Age we currently live in) and how we can think of technology in a new way that opens the door to different futures.

Speaker’s Biography: Roy, a practising IT Service Manager, has a diverse background spanning construction, engineering and consulting on some of the world’s largest oil and gas investments, working with IT scientists in HP’s R&D labs and leading socio-technical approaches to process improvement in a number of HP Accounts. He was a Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University for over ten years and engaged with Action Research methods to achieve large scale innovation. Roy holds a PhD in complex group decision making related to major Capital Investment projects from the University of Leeds, and a First Class Honours degree from Sheffield City Polytechnic. His interest explores the relationship between functionality, ingenuity, value and values, science, technology and Organisational Learning. Central to this interest are the questions. “What is technology?” and “Do we really control technology or does technology control us?”