Hands-on Evolution

This event has now finished. Please see our events website for details of upcoming events at Brookes.

Hands-on Evolution

Who this event is for

  • Public


JHB 208 (Executive Suite), John Henry Brookes, Headington Campus


The vast range of life on earth is a product of Evolution. Therefore understanding Evolution is key to understanding biodiversity and our own biology including aging and disease. This free event will combine seminars, and hands-on lab and computer sessions to allow science teachers and members of the public interested in biology to explore the theory and practice of research in evolutionary biology. This will include introducing the principles of evolution by natural selection and how this generates biodiversity. Participants will then explore how basic research in evolutionary biology is key to understanding the natural world and learn more about the impact and relevance of applying evolutionary principles to issues in our everyday lives from antibiotic resistance and aging to cancer.


The event will be led by Professor Alistair McGregor supported by Dr Daniela Nunes (Lecturer in Evolutionary Developmental Biology) and Dr Ryan Pink (Lecturer of Molecular Biology and Genomics, and Ambassador for Oxford Academic Health Science Centre).





9:30 Arrival and coffee

9:40 Welcome (Prof. Alistair McGregor) (Executive suite)

9:45 Seminar ‘What is Evolution and Why is it Key to Understanding Life?’ (Prof. Alistair McGregor) (Executive suite)

10:15 Coffee (Executive suite)

10:45 Lab practical and microscopy workshop (S303)

12:00 Lunch (Executive suite)

13:00 Seminar: ‘Evolution and sexual selection’ (Dr. Daniela Nunes) (Kennedy room)

14:00 Computer practical (Gibbs G110)

15:00 Coffee (Executive suite)

15:30 Seminar: ‘Cancer Evolution’ (Dr. Ryan Pink) (Executive suite)

16:00 Questions and closing remarks (Executive suite)

16:15 End