A professional odyssey: from cancer research to developing the next generation of researchers

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OLS 17-18: A professional odyssey

Who this event is for

  • Everyone


John Henry Brookes Main Lecture Theatre, John Henry Brookes Building, Headington Campus


Professor Susan Brooks will take you on a personal journey beginning in breast cancer research and leading to a passionate commitment to supporting and developing the next generation of researchers.


Susan discovered that a chemical from the edible snail was able to distinguish between cancers that are able to spread from their original site to other parts of the body, and those that cannot. It recognises altered sugar chains on cancer cells that are involved in them being able to crawl through tissues and enter the blood stream and allows them to stick to the lining of blood vessels at distant sites.


In this lecture, Susan will explore how, while still engaged in this fascinating work, she became increasingly involved in supporting and developing the careers of other researchers across the University and beyond.