Why Philosophy Matters Seminar Series

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Edcuation Centre, Ashmolean Museum


Why de Beauvoir Matters with speaker Dr Jonathan Webber

Simone de Beauvoir is a major figure in twentieth century feminist thought. She is often portrayed as  merely a follower and minor critic of Sartre, applying his existentialism to the question of gender. This talk will present a different picture. Her work on age and ageing, it will be argued, is significant both as a deep contribution to existentialist thought and as a stimulus to much needed theoretical reflection on this neglected topic.

Dr Jonathan Webber is Reader in Philosophy at Cardiff University. He is the author of The Existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre and the translator of Routledge's edition of Sartre's The Imaginary.

Why Philosophy Matters is a new series of events organised by the Royal Institute of Philosophy branch at Oxford Brookes University
in association with The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford and I.B. Tauris

This series of events explores the relevance and significance philosophical ideas from across the history of thought and celebrates the incalculable ways in which philosophers have helped to change our understanding of the world and, consequently, the world itself. Speakers shall offer timely answers to questions about philosophical impact, making a case for the ongoing value of philosophy in a scientistic age in which Stephen Hawking recently announced that 'philosophy is dead'. The series aims to demonstrate that the historical impact of philosophy has been at least as significant as that of science, and continues to be important in ways that may not always be immediately measurable. 

Events take place at 18.00 at the Ashmolean Museum, Education Centre  (nearest entrance from St. Giles), unless otherwise noted. All events are all free and open to the general public (no booking required) and shall take the form of talks, debates, conversations, and conferences. A series of related books will be published by I.B. Tauris.