Workshop: Electronic Marking and Feedback Using Grademark* - Wheatley Campus

This event has now finished. Please see our events website for details of upcoming events at Brookes.


Who this event is for

  • Staff - teaching


G2/02, Wheatley Campus


There is accumulating evidence that electronic methods of marking student assignments and providing them feedback on their work can be more effective and efficient than traditional paper-based methods. They also come with costs and compromises.

Greg Benfield, (OCSLD) and Abi Ball (Digital Services, Learning Resources) are pleased to invite you to a workshop on using Grademark* for electronic marking and feedback. This workshop will be of interest to all those staff involved in the design and management of student assignments who would like to consider how to adopt electronic marking and feedback in their practice.

The workshop will be offered on multiple campuses in semester one 2014. These sessions will be practical and hands-on, exploring how to use the tool, with interactive discussions of pros and cons of electronic marking and feedback. The workshops will also consider short case study examples of how colleagues are currently using Grademark.


By end of session participants should be able to: Identify pros and cons of electronic marking and feedback in their practice Use Grademark to grade and provide feedback on a student assignment Import and use Quickmark comment sets Develop and add a rubric to an assignment Consider how team based approaches might lead to more efficient and effective marking and feedback practice Consider possible uses of the mobile Turnitin app