Photo Oxford: Three New Voices

12:00, Friday, 15 October 2021 to 17:00, Monday, 15 November 2021


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Three students currently studying on the BA Photography at Oxford Brookes University have come together to present three separate bodies of work documenting women dealing with parenting, representation, and adolescence. The work created responds to module briefs set within the course but explores personal connections with chosen narratives and encourages an engagement with universal issues of change and resilience.

The work of all three photographers adopts an immersive approach to photographic documentation and a collaborative storytelling response to the creation of visual narratives. A connective thread can be clearly seen within the photographers work that identifies the challenges that women face when dealing with adulthood and societal expectations of being a woman.

Sophie Jeffrey’s images, created in the North-East of England, within a student house, are raw and honest in their depiction of a friend dealing with issues of mental wellbeing.

Laura Skog’s work documents the transition from childhood of her partner’s sister in Switzerland. Her images are confident yet fragile, filled with a sense of anticipation and promise.

Sophie Jeffrey grew up in a small East Midlands town and is currently a third-year student on the course, who embraces a traditional documentary approach. She works with both the still and moving image to document issues of alienation, representation, and identity.

Third year student Laura Skog was born in Uruguay and raised in Uruguay, Miami, Vienna and Switzerland. Her father is Swedish, and her mother is Swiss. Her work embraces a European aesthetic and identifies the relationship between contemporary fashion and beauty photography, contemporary art practice and narrative documentation.

Lydia Wakefield lives in South Gloucestershire and is a second-year student whose work focuses on her passion for sport and building narratives within areas of personal interest. Her work evidences a sophisticated understanding of composition and a willingness to explore technique-based solutions to photographic image creation.

Curator: Dr.Grant Scott is a Senior Lecturer and Subject Coordinator for Photography at Oxford Brookes University. He is a working photographer, writer, film maker and founder/curator of Each week he presents the A Photographic Life podcast.

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