Pivoting In The Mundane Apocalypse: The Past, Present and Future of Festivals

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Film Industries Masterclass

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"Mark Gatiss (of Sherlock fame) was the first to use the phrase ‘mundane apocalypse’ when I interviewed him for our first and admittedly hurried online Festival last May. I run one of the largest Screenwriting Festivals in the world, the London Screenwriters’ Festival. In any normal year we would attract around 1,000 visitors for three days, enjoying presentations, talks and seminars from around 100 speakers. Plus there would be side workshops, events and social parties. We had planned out biggest ever event for April 2020… until the aforementioned ‘mundane apocalypse’ struck. And yes, I get it was far from mundane for many, myself incited. Still it does feel apt to me. In this session we will explore how all live events were first impacted by COVID-19, second reacted to the pandemic and now third plan for the uncertain future. We will drill into: technology and how COVID has accelerated digital entrepreneurship; the resistance from many and how they risk getting left behind; building more sustainable and cost effective events in the future; the surprising drawbacks and benefits of online events; how you could and should start your own digital events; the tools you can use to create something now that costs no more than your time.”

This talk is part of a series of virtual masterclasses by film and media practitioners, seeking to enable scholars and professionals in the field to share their experience and grow new partnerships. The series forms part of a strand within the newly established Creative Industries Research and Innovation Network (CIRIN) at Oxford Brookes University, which responds to the need for increased attention to the role of the creative industries in social, political and economic terms.

Each instalment of the series will seek to highlight current work undertaken in the field and suggest opportunities for growth and collaboration, while necessarily acknowledging the impact of the COVID-19 crisis from across multiple perspectives within the sector. Special attention will be reserved for the role played by new media platforms of content production, distribution and consumption in the context of a seemingly endless digital expansion, struggling cinema exhibition and shortening theatrical release windows.

The format of the series will allow for dialogue with the attendees, answering questions and networking.

For more information, please visit: https://sites.google.com/brookes.ac.uk/film-industries-masterclass.