Pre-Conference Workshops on Coaching Supervision

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7th International Conference on Coaching Supervision

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JHB Executive Suite (JHB128), John Henry Brookes Building, Headington Campus


Pre-Conference Workshop on Coaching Supervision
There will be two pre-conference workshops taking place on Friday 12th May 2017: "Mind Coaching" run by Guy Claxton and "Illuminating the Eclipsed in Supervision" run by Sue Congram.

9.00 - 9.30 Registration
9.30 - 13.00 Workshop by Professor Guy Claxton: Mind Coaching (Tea & Coffee at 11.15)

In any educational encounter, learning proceeds at a number of different levels: knowledge and opinion; literacy and expertise; and attitudes and values. These attitudes and values are of many kinds, but some relate to the lasting empowerment or disempowerment of the learner. Whatever our context, it behooves us to attend to the way the entire learning situation, as we construct it, steers the direction of these learning dispositions. In this workshop, we will examine the relationship between the coach as 'learning designer' and the development of the learner's attitudes towards managing their own learning. This will be discussed with implications for coaching supervision.

14.00 - 17.30 Workshop by Sue Congram: Illuminating the eclipsed in supervision (Tea & Coffee at 3.45)

This workshop will provide supervisors with a new perspective and way of working in supervision that uncovers qualities frequently overshadowed or eclipsed by cultural attitudes, social norms and situational circumstances. Qualities may be eclipsed as much for the coach as for their client without knowing it. People attending will work with each other in experimental exercises, learning how to understand ‘qualities of practice’ and use a valuable tool for reflection and deep insight in their supervision. The idea is rooted in the concept of dynamic fields, which I will explain.