Race in Architectural Education: Decolonising the Curriculum

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BHM Black in Architecture

Who this event is for

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Union Hall, John Henry Brookes Building, Headington Campus


How do we decolonise architectural education in the UK? Race in Architectural Education is a one-day symposium with a workshop and keynote speaker at Oxford Brookes University, School of Architecture. Conceived by a new steering group for the collaboration between Place, Culture and Identity research group and Black in Architecture research unit, the symposium will highlight work at the school, invite external work, and initiate dialogue among academics, students, professionals and those working in architecture and related disciplines.

This event is organised by the Place, Culture and Identity research group in collaboration with Black in Architecture research, as part of a series of research impact activities programmed for the academic year 2021/2022. Black in Architecture is a new research community, hosted by the Place, Culture and Identity research group at Oxford Brookes University. The research initiative is exploring racial equity and aims to create an industry Charter and approach to help address race and systemic racism in UK architecture. The inaugural symposium and workshop will bring together practitioners, academics and students of architecture to share current work and catalyse action for change.

PhD candidate and Architect, Juliet Sakyi-Ansah, founder of Black in Architecture, said: “I want Black in Architecture to directly influence change at decision-making levels by amplifying the voices of those who experience systemic racism. I am passionate about architecture, but as an industry it needs to be more receptive to diversity. Now is the time to include all the voices and experiences of all ethnic minority groups in architecture.” Juliet Sakyi-Ansah - https://blackinarchitecture.uk/