School of Education Annual Conference: Principle into Practice

This event has now finished. Please see our events website for details of upcoming events at Brookes.

SoE conference 2020

Who this event is for

  • Staff - teaching
  • Staff - research
  • Staff - support




This year’s theme encourages contributions that broadly explore the relationship between ideas and action - or principles and practice - in the field of education. Education is a discipline tasked with understanding and refining the practice and practical application of educative processes; and Education is also, at the same time, a field that grapples with profound questions about knowledge, learning, culture and society. Too often, principles and practice are crudely separated into separate domains, to the detriment of both. This on-line conference will serve as a critical debate about educational philosophy and theory embedded in educative practices. Focusing on ‘principles’ rather than theory, we hope, offers a broader scope for discussion, including the ethics and political economy of working on and in education, in a moment of significant social and political change.

Conference presenters include:

  • Researchers in education (at all levels)
  • Practitioner reseachers
  • PhD and EdD students
  • MA & PGCE students
  • Third sector partners

Themes for the conference are:

  • Practical theorising: understanding the intellectual base for teacher education
  • Principles into practice: challenges and opportunities for research-informed teaching/teaching-informed research
  • Principles into practice: beyond schooling
  • Principles into practice: creative pedagogy
  • Principles into practice in language learning
  • Principles into practice: SEND, wellbeing, and inclusion
  • Principles into practice in the wider world: international/intercultural education in a post-Brexit world
  • Reflections on life during/after Coronavirus: continuity and change

The papers examining the above themes will be included in panels A, B, D or E

The keynote, live plenary, paper presentations and posters will be available to those delegates who have registered their attendance through Eventbrite ( Each presentation (e.g. a 15 minute recorded narration which is overlaid with a timed PowerPoint presentation, or other format) will be situated on a separate, dedicated, webpage.

At specific times during this day the presenters will be available to answer questions via a live comments box (see schedule). The keynote and plenary will take place live online (see schedule for timings below)

Participants are welcome to dip in and out of different panels webpages, and listen to the each of the papers being presented, throughout the day.
9.30-10.30Keynote Live presentation, via zoom, with Prof Trevor Mutton and Prof Katherine Burns
11.00-12.30Panels A, B - Interactive discussion
12.30-1.30Posters - Interactive discussion
1.30 - 3.00Panels C, D, E - Interactive discussion
3.00-3.30Posters - Interactive discussion
3.30-4.30Live plenary discussion with Patrick Alexander via zoom
For the live keynote and plenary an invite will be forwarded to all delegates on the 19 May with instructions on how to join.

You will be able to join the paper presentations (in panels A, B, C, D and E) via dedicated webpages

Conference website