The Benefits of Breathing Exercises and Meditation

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Garden Room. BCK.G.20, Buckley Building, Headington Campus


"Many people have become shallow breathers, which in the long-term can affect their physical and mental wellbeing. Pranayama has been shown to improve symptoms of depression and reduce the symptoms of anxiety by encouraging the breath to be deeper and slower. Similarly, regular use of meditation can help to calm and clear our minds which can reduce anxiety and promote better sleep. Benefits of these exercises are enhanced if they are performed daily, and when pranayama is performed before meditation, the exercises have a more profound effect on our minds and bodies.

This talk is delivered by Elaine Ulett, Regional Officer for the British Wheel of Yoga.

Elaine is a qualified yoga teacher who incorporates breathing exercises and meditation in her classes. She is the Regional Officer for the British Wheel of Yoga (governing body for yoga in the UK), and line manages a team of 14 Regional Committee members, in 6 counties, across the Southern region."