The Creative Industries Festival 2021: Brookes Cross-disciplinary showcase: 6 scholars from different fields share their work relating to the creative industries

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Creative Industries 9

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A session testifying to OBU's research and practice in the creative industries which stuns with its topical variety, intellectual depth and international scope. From literature to philosophy and the visual arts, film, media and sonospheric investigations, this panel is a taster for some of the interesting work taking place across the University.

Mary Jean Chan, poetry reading

Matt Parker, transduction energies in the urban environment and 5G.
Dan O’Brien (Philosophy) Philosophy and the Visual Arts: Illustration and Performance
Lindsay Steenberg: Low-budget DTV and straight-to-streaming films
Maya Nedyalkova: Comparing Contemporary Film-Viewing Geographies in Bulgaria.
Eric White: Chasing the Arc: Cross-disciplinary Co-creation in Extended Reality Installations