The Creative Industries Festival 2021: Q&A with Patrick Farmer and Rebekah Alero introducing their Dandelion Project

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Creative Industries 11

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Rebekah Alero and Dr Patrick Farmer will be speaking about The Dandelion Project and Archives, a platform created by Alero for experimental artists of colour, with a focus on audio and visual materials. The idea came from Alero's research into the life and work of Julius Eastman (black, queer American composer), and how it had slipped through the fingertips of the music world, allowing much of his work to be destroyed and forgotten only for a very small amount of his scores to be found and shared many years later. Through a mostly analogue approach to work such as music compositions and scores, audio recordings and images, The Dandelion Project and Archive aims to help foster a more concrete sense of permanency, specifically for BAME artists.

Rebekah Alero is a sound artist and composer, working with both sound and image such as graphic scores, video and still image. Rebekah’s sound works and compositions focus on the voice and the use of digital and analogue experimentations with interests and influences in sonic hauntology.

Patrick Farmer is a writer and composer. He is a co-founder of Compost and Height, editor of the new-music journal Wolf Notes, founder of the Sound I’m Particular lecture series and Significant Landscapes Festival, and a curator of the audiograft festival.