Social media allegations relating to Oxford Brookes Rugby Club

Social media allegations relating to Oxford Brookes Rugby Club

In December 2020, a serious allegation was made on social media about the Oxford Brookes University Rugby Football Club.

Oxford Brookes remains committed to maintaining an inclusive and respectful culture in every aspect of University life. The University has therefore taken the allegation very seriously and an investigation was launched immediately.

In order to progress the investigation and ensure that support could be offered to anyone affected by the allegations, the University issued several appeals for information from the Oxford Brookes community.

Information was received relating to separate non Rugby Club related alleged incidents and behaviour, and we wish to thank everyone for submitting this information and feedback. However, to date, no victims of this specific, alleged incident have come forward and no witnesses to the alleged incident have come forward with information which substantiates the allegation made on social media.

We are therefore unable to take this specific investigation any further at this time and have closed the case. However, should new information come to light, we will reopen the investigation.

As part of our commitment to maintaining an inclusive and respectful culture, we will be investigating further the reports we have received of alleged unacceptable behaviour and practices; we are in the process of commissioning an independent review of Brookes Sport, including all clubs, to ensure that policies and practices promote the culture, behaviours and values we expect of all our students.

If any of our students, staff or our wider community, have concerns about behaviour or practices in any aspect of University life, we would encourage them to report them via our dedicated Report and Support tool. Your feedback is important to helping us ensure that our University community is as inclusive and respectful as it can possibly be.