Academics join humanitarian sector at Design for Peace Summit

Friday, 08 December 2017


Academics from Oxford Brookes University’s School of Architecture will be giving keynote talks at the Design for Peace World Humanitarian Design Summit in London next week.

The Design for Peace Summit brings together the world’s most prominent humanitarians, social innovators, entrepreneurs, design pioneers and global makers.

This year’s summit, which will be held at Central St Martins from Wednesday 13 December, is about using technology to overcome adversity in education and wellbeing. Professor Cathrine Brun from the University’s Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP) will be speaking about experiences and practices of refugees in and around shelters.

Professor Brun said: “Shelters are meant for temporary dwellings but as most refugee crises become protracted, the shelters become sites of permanent impermanence. In my talk I will be showing how people interact with, modify and live with the shelters in such contexts.

Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University’s School of Architecture, Dr Maria Faraone will be speaking about participatory engagement with refugee stakeholders in the housing process in Europe as the means for integration and a two-way validation of humanity. 

Charles Parrack, Senior Lecturer in CENDEP, will also be participating in the workshop. He will be presenting and be part of the discussions in the High Level Expert Forum together with Dr Faraone and Prof Brun.

Dr Faraone will also be facilitating a three-day workshop with LATRA where mentors from the Netherlands will work alongside the UK and international partners to mentor a team of 20 designers, makers, producers, writers and programmers on projects that enable refugees to integrate in European communities, be gaining quality education and access to employable skills.

Oxford Brookes’ academics will be joined by prominent organisations in the humanitarian sector such as Techfugees, Save The Children, ARUP, British Red Cross, International Alert, WAAG Society, Makers Unite, Aflatoun International, LATRA, Urban Projects Bureau and Better Future Factory.

More information about the Summit and full programme details can be found on the Design for Peace website.

The Centre for Development and Emergency Practice at Oxford Brookes University brings together aid workers, academics and development practitioners to develop practice-orientated approaches in disaster risk reduction and response, shelter and housing, chronic poverty, community development, urban resilience, humanitarian practice, conflict transformation, refugee studies and human rights and torture prevention. 

More information can be found on the School of Architecture webpages.