Art Foundation students showcase work at prestigious Oxford museum

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Pitt Rivers Museum opens DisGUISE and DOLLS exhibition.

A group of Oxford Brookes Art Foundation students are exhibiting their work at the Pitt Rivers Museum.

The exhibition, DisGUISE and DOLLS, is a collection of dolls made by the students from a wide variety of materials including textiles, china, drink cans, resin, feathers and broken egg shells.

Myfanwy Johns, Lecturer in Foundation Studies in Art and Design, said, 'Many have explored representations of their 'self' or 'alter ego' and have experimented with different materials such as re-assembling found objects to trapping light within cast forms.

'For many of the students it will be their first opportunity to put on a public exhibition. They have all worked extremely hard and with great enthusiasm produced a collection of inspiring and remarkable sculptures,' she added.

The students actually took their inspiration directly from some of the displays in the museum. The creativity they have used to explore their themes will therefore complement the eclectic mix of cultural artefacts the museum is famous for.

Art Foundation student Patrick Atkins created his piece Doll with a personal touch by using parts of his old house.

'I believe the result is a suitable depiction of my 'hobo' appearance, by bringing together parts of the house I grew up in it also gives an insight into the bits and pieces of my own past,' he commented.

Emilie Atkinson, another student who has contributed to the exhibition, wanted to express her own individual characteristics through her piece.

'A doll is often a toy but I am not... I found the hardest part of creating a doll was selecting my character traits. Aged 18 do I truly know who I am?' she said.

The exhibition runs until 21 March and admission is free.

To find out more about the course please visit the Foundation Studies in Art and Design information page.