Best-selling scientist gives talk for new Food Centre

Tuesday, 01 July 2008

Renowned nutritionist, Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, has given a talk on the Glycaemic Index

Internationally renowned scientist and best-selling author on the glycaemic index, Professor Jennie Brand-Miller from the University of Sydney, recently visited Oxford Brookes.  Her talk, entitled 'Glycaemic index: Current trends and future opportunities', was given to a packed audience on 26 June 2008.

Jennie Brand-Miller's talk forms the first in a series of seminars by high profile scientists as a part of the activities of the newly formed Functional Food Centre in the School of Life Sciences.

In her talk, Professor Brand-Miller described the importance of consuming a low glycaemic index diet to minimise the risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardio vascular disease and cancer.

Whilst touring the laboratory facilities in the school of Life Sciences, she commented: 'I am delighted to see your excellent facilities and the good work you are doing on GI.'

The photograph shows (left to right): Paul Morrow, MD of Bakels (ingredient manufacturer for the baking industry); Helen Lightowler, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition; Professor Linda King, Dean of the School of Life Sciences; Lis Dodwell, Project Manager in Nutrition; Professor Jeya Henry, Nutrition Research Group leader; and Professor Jennie Brand-Miller.