Brexit information

  • (Last updated 30 January 2020)

    Message from Professor Alistair Fitt, Vice-Chancellor, Oxford Brookes University:

    “As we approach 31 January, the date that the UK is scheduled to leave the European Union, I feel it is important to reiterate that Oxford Brookes is, and will remain, a welcoming, global institution at which to study and work. Although the picture is not yet fully clear on what the UK’s relationship with the EU will be going forward, I wanted to take this opportunity to emphasise our commitment, and support, to all members of the Oxford Brookes community, from the UK, EU and overseas.  

    “I have always been immensely proud of the diversity of our student and staff body. I have said on many occasions that this diversity, alongside our international collaboration, are signs of a successful, and forward-thinking institution. We remain committed to nurturing our existing partnerships with institutions across the globe, and also look forward to developing new ones. 

    “Arrangements for after 31 January 2020, when the UK will leave the EU, are still not clear. I appreciate that this may be an anxious time for many of our students and staff, as well as those who wish to join us in the future. As information becomes available, we will continue to update the Brexit information pages on the University’s website, to provide as much support and advice as we can. 

    “UK universities have consistently been shown to be world-leading, and I am confident that this will continue as we enter the new decade. I am extremely proud of all members of our community and I look forward to continuing to welcome students and staff from around the world.”