Brookes' artists exhibit work at Modern Art, Oxford

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

OBsessions: Oxford Brookes Sessions will showcase the best new emerging talent in Fine Art at Brookes.

OBsessions, 'Oxford Brookes Sessions' will showcase the best new emerging talent in Fine Art at Brookes, alongside more established artists who have studied at the university recently.

OBsessions celebrates the exploration, freedom, and a personal response to contemporary art and life that form the basis of Fine Art studies at Brookes. Installation, 2D images, sculpture, sound and film contribute to an exhibition that is fresh, varied and thoughtful.

In collaboration with the staff of Modern Art Oxford, Brookes students have worked to ensure balance and cohesion among over sixty diverse works, which include a woman in a wardrobe, a life-size centaur, paint propelled by sound waves and hoops bowling through the streets of Oxford.

Suzanne Cotter, Acting Director and Senior Curator at Modern Art Oxford commented: 'The sixty-four artists featuring in OBsessions are Brookes students at post-graduate and undergraduate levels, and recent graduates. Without doubt, OBsessions will form a significant marker in the careers of many of these new faces in the art world.'

John Hoole, Oxford Brookes' exhibition co-ordinator, added: 'Modern Art Oxford has provided Oxford Brookes with a splendid showcase for its current students and recent graduates. Personal foibles, political aspirations, performative occurrences, social concerns all surface in OBsessions and reveal the richly diverse seams of talent that are quarried at Headington.'

Shirley Pegna's Ringing Road (pictured) is an outside sound piece, involving a group of people bowling metal hoops along the pavement. The different size hoops make a unique blend of startlingly diverse tones and pitches that ring rather like strange clanking bells. Shirley comments: 'The sound is made very simply, but has a rich subtlety and uniquely makes the Oxford streets themselves into a musical instrument.'

The exhibition runs from 8-16 March 2008 at Modern Art Oxford.