Brookes backs sustainable vehicle street race

Friday, 20 January 2012

Oxford Brookes University and Oxford University will help determine the criteria to measure the sustainability of the vehicles for the race planned for 2013.

Oxford Brookes University and the University of Oxford will help determine the criteria to measure the sustainability of the vehicles for the race planned for 2013.

Business group Cheltenham MotorSports hope to stage the two-day event which will feature vehicles capable of 140mph whizzing through the town centre.

The vehicles will not just be judged on their speed but their sustainability and fuel efficiency - with no fossil fuel allowed.

"We are thrilled to have these two key universities on board. They are leading the way in sustainable motorsport engineering and will be important partners in our project," said Thomas Riding, project manager.

Oxford Brookes is a leading university in motorsport engineering. More than 70 per cent of the engineers at Oxford Brookes go into motorsports, with many pursuing careers in Formula 1.

"Oxford Brookes University has an excellent track record in Motorsport Engineering education," said Prof Allan Hutchinson, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Oxford Brookes.

"Student engagement in competitions provides us with the opportunity to help bring e-Motorsport and low carbon racing to the public through exhibitions and street racing. This activity will play a pivotal role in re-energising public interest in motorsport and winning the hearts and minds of potential customers for EV/Ultra Low carbon vehicles."

Prof David Howey, lecturer in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford said the Cheltenham race would provide students with a unique opportunity.

"There are sustainable races already taking place but what is different about this is that it is a round race and speed will be a component," said Prof Howey.

"We are interested in how you measure sustainability within a race, and how to measure energy. It is an opportunity for motorsport to push the technology and see what can been achieved."

Cheltenham MotorSports is planning to hold the Sustainable Street Expo in the Promenade on September 8-9 to whet people's appetites for the race.

"It will not just be aimed at motorsport fans but everyone who is interested in green technology, transport and engineering," said Mr Riding.

"We plan to make it exciting with hands-on demonstrations, lively debate and exciting exhibits. We will be announce further details later this year."