Brookes Fine Art 2009

Monday, 18 May 2009

Final year art wows audiences.

Once again, another highly successful end of year exhibition showcased a diverse and extensive range of work from Brookes art students.

"The art presented here is unapologetically from and of the world of today. Full of the tremors of the impact of technology on traditional practice and a new and radical notion of community," commented Michael Stanley, Director of Modern Art Oxford, in the show's catalogue

The majority of works in the exhibition were on show in and around the Richard Hamilton Building, Headington campus.

Kathy Allen, Liv Franklin and Patrick Orrell made us ‘look again’ whilst considering the possibilities of painting and drawing as a medium and subject. New technologies enabled new ways of making and presenting artworks. For Perce Jerrom these provided the very material from which his works were derived, whilst Graham Dorey made digital animations in which fictitious but disturbing scenarios evoke dreal world events.

Seb Thomas’s large sculptural installation took visitors further into a potential dystopian and imagined geographic and anthropological environment, whilst Helen McCutcheon explored the darker side of human nature through video installation using ventriloquist dummies. Through action, performance and audience participation, Lauren O’Day considered (amongst other things) what it takes to be a good artist.

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