Brookes Professor talks human evolution on BBC Radio 4

Monday, 23 February 2015

Dr Simon Underdown

Dr Simon Underdown, Principal Lecturer in Biological Anthropology discussed human evolution and the need for aggression in a recent interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

The interview which took place on Friday 20 February looked at how Professor Stephen Hawking once said if he could alter one human shortcoming it would be aggression

He said the emotion was necessary in caveman days but now'threatens to destroy us all' and would like to see it replaced with empathy.

Dr Simon Underdown, who is also Vice-President of the Royal Anthropology Institute, said being able to react aggressively to situations had assisted humans' evolutionary success.

"Humans are very good at reading situations that we find ourselves in....from an evolutionary point of view, the reason we're so successful and we're still here, is because we can, and when we need to, react aggressively to situations."

You can listen to the full interview here