Brookes remains in the top ten in Green League

Friday, 11 June 2010

We have again been named one of the greenest universities in the UK.

Oxford Brookes has again been named one of the greenest universities in the UK.

Student campaigning group People and Planet ranked Brookes number seven in their Green League after comparing universities up and down the country in categories such as carbon emissions, recycling, community involvement and transport.

The results have been published in the Times Higher Education supplement (THE).

Brookes has consistently been one of the leading universities on environmental and sustainability initiatives, gaining a 'first' every year since the inception of the Green league, becoming the world's first Fairtrade university in 2003 and the first to achieve a Gold Ecocampus award in 2009.

Harriet Waters, Brookes' Sustainability Manager, said she was delighted by another strong showing: "It is great to see Oxford Brookes continuing to be one of the leaders in the Green League. Sustainability underpins the values of the University, something we have demonstrated most recently by the launch of our Sustainability Report which identifies the key issues for the University to work on over the next five years."

Oxford Brookes has introduced a number of programmes to ensure it remains at the cutting edge of sustainability issues in the HE sector. It established its first environmental policy in 1997 and this has gradually been developed in to the university's Corporate Responsibility Programme launched in 2009.

In May this year, the university published it's first-ever Sustainability Report which outlines how Brookes will tackle its key issues across a range of areas in order to achieve a net positive impact.