Brookes student to head up the UK Erasmus Student Network

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Eramus UK President

Elena Saldaña Quintans, a twenty-year old International Business Management student at Oxford Brookes, has been elected as the president of the UK branch of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). The Network is the biggest student association in Europe and seeks to promote and support students studying in other countries.

Elena, originally from Seville in Spain, has been in the UK for four years and has undertaken study exchanges in Thailand and Australia. Elena chose to study at Brookes as she wanted to have exchange and work placements as part of her course. She has become increasingly involved with the Erasmus Student Network over the last year visiting, Utrecht, Brussels, Southampton and Cardiff to represent Oxford Brookes at ESN events.

I want to make sure that other people have access to the same opportunities that I’ve enjoyed

Elena Saldaña Quintans

She has successfully developed the Oxford Brookes branch of the network, through recruiting new members and working closely with Brookes Union to access funding and room space. The Brookes branch now has over 220 members and organises regular events for exchange students.

Elena has big plans for the network, commenting: “Firstly, I want to support and develop the existing 13 branches at UK Universities to make sure that they are really delivering for exchange students, and then look to build the network by getting branches set up at other universities. I’ve got so much out of being part of the ESN and I want to make sure that other people have access to the same opportunities that I’ve enjoyed.”

Brookes Union President, Andy Pedersen (also pictured) added: “I’m delighted for Elena, she has worked so hard to build the Brookes branch, and it’s great that she will now have the opportunity to build a stronger network across the country. It’s a big honour for a Brookes student to be the national representative with the ESN across Europe and we will be delighted to help Elena in any way that we can.”

Sally Tait, ERASMUS Manager at Brookes said: “I know it's a cliché to say that going on exchange changes lives, but we know from the experiences of our returning exchange students that it does and Elena is a case in point. Here is a student whose path in life has already been shaped by an exchange experience and her involvement in ESN. We are really pleased for Elena and know that she will make a fantastic job of her role as ESN (UK) President.”

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