Dr Adesola's 'Energy in Africa' published

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

energy in africa

Congratulations to Dr Sola Adesola whose book Energy in Africa has recently been published by Springer.

Energy in Africa: Policy, Management and Sustainability was co-edited with Professor Feargal Brennan. It is an integrated look at the energy industry in Africa that the pair hope will foster collaboration and partnership between the sectors of university, industry and institutions.

Dr Adesola found her inspiration for the book while supervising two PhD researchers alongside Professor Glauco De Vita (Professor of International Business Economics, now at Coventry University). They helped the PhD students complete research on energy in Nigeria and Sub Saharan Africa - and Professor De Vita encouraged Dr Adesola to consider publishing a book.

Originally, she was planning to write on entrepreneurship, but that changed when she met Professor Feargal Brennan at the Nigerian Society Energy Conference at Cranfield University. The two shared an interest in energy in Africa and after sharing some research, the idea for Energy in Africa was born.

With international organisations and businesses having an ever-increasing impact on Africa, the pair saw a need for a new kind of book about energy. The two were also keen to bridge gaps in research between engineering, commerce, socio-politics, environment and management. 

Professor Feargal Brennan, University of Strathclyde, said: “Energy is an international sector. Many of the largest and most exciting infrastructural developments ever seen are poised to take place in the developing world over the coming decades. Africa is a wonderful example and case-study of the multifaceted socio-economic, political and environmental criteria which influence the adoption of technologies. Our book balances local-content within an international context with lessons and learning that can be applied to many other developing regions.” 

Their book provides a solid base of academic research, that gives a comprehensive look at energy issues across Africa from a management perspective. It should prove a valuable resource for those looking to understand the full context of the continent’s energy needs and landscape. 

Dr Sola Adesola added: “This edited book marks the beginning of decoding the language barrier between science and social science on energy.  The book brings multiple perspectives to the debate of energy in Africa, which has been rarely done. Energy policies and management are of primary importance to achieve the development of sustainability. That’s what we have done in this book: it provides some management and policy insights and highlights the need for collaborative partnership”.

About the authors


Dr Sola Adesola is a Senior Lecturer in the Oxford Brookes Business School at Oxford Brookes University. She specialises in International Organisations, Corporate & Business Law and International Business. Her research focuses on energy policy and, entrepreneurship & university interaction. She has published widely in international journals including Journal of Cleaner Production, International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, and OPEC Energy Review.


Professor Feargal Brennan is Director of the Offshore Engineering Institute at the University of Strathclyde having previously held senior positions at Cranfield University and University College London. Feargal is a leading authority on the integrity of offshore Oil & Gas structures and development of offshore renewables including wind, wave, and tidal stream. He has published over 150 papers in peer reviewed journals and conferences.