Exhibition to explore received ideas of modernism

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


A new architecture exhibition opens at St John’s College this week (18 September) featuring the work of students from Oxford Brookes.

Eleven Masters students from the University’s School of Architecture have created the exhibition which is entitled Shibboleth and explores the received ideas of Modernism.

Shibboleth is defined as a custom, principle, or belief, particularly one that is long standing and is regarded as outmoded or no longer important.

The students hail from Brazil, China, Kenya, Nigeria, Syria, Thailand, Turkey and the UK and their inspiration for the exhibition is just as wide reaching. 

The range of ideas span the re-creation of a Brazilian sunset, the wave pattern on a river in China, the surface of a stream during a rain storm, an analysis and reworking of the early drawings of Zaha Hadid as a three dimensional screen, a door opening device for encounters, a chair for mutual support and the re-imagining of Islamic pattern as a three dimensional space.

The materials vary from stainless steel, plywood to light itself.

Professor Andrew Holmes, who lectures for the University’s School of Architecture, commented: “The exhibition takes the form of architectural objects, photographs, performance and film. All of the work is full size and fabricated with extraordinary skill by the students themselves. 

“There are no drawings and models of imaginary buildings and each student presents one printed image of their work in a way that is not a documentary but a photographic parallel to their work.

“It will be a fascinating exhibition and I would encourage anyone who is interested to come along and experience it.”

The exhibition will take place across three galleries at St John’s College,

Oxford from Friday 18 Saturday 26 September (10am – 6pm).

Further information on the School of Architecture is available on the Oxford Brookes website.