Food for thought at Oxford Brookes

Tuesday, 02 September 2008

Ken Hom and Chris Patten talk food at Oxford Gastronomica's inaugural lecture.

Ken Hom and Lord Patten are combining forces for an evening at Oxford Brookes University to share their thoughts on how society can improve its troubled relationship with food.

The event, on 15 September at Brookes, is Oxford Gastronomica's inaugural Ken Hom Lecture where the chef and author invites leading thinkers to Oxford Brookes to debate one of most pressing issue of our time.

Ken Hom is one of the founding members of Oxford Gastronomica - which is the UK's only university centre dedicated to the study of food, drink and culture.

Mr Hom will use his annual lecture to highlight crucial issues like sustainable food, food prices, obesity and malnourishment.

At this year's lecture Lord Patten will focus on globalisation and food in a lecture titled 'Feast or Famine' which is the subject of his forthcoming book.

Donald Sloan, Head of Department Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Management
at Oxford Brookes said:

"Oxford Gastronomica was formed by a diverse range of food experts who are seriously concerned about society's dysfunctional relationship with food and drink. We recognise the terrible consequences of widespread eating and drinking habits, not only for our health, but for the environment, social cohesion and the maintenance of much loved cultures.

"We hope that through education and debate, Oxford Gastronomica can make a contribution to repairing our relationship with food and drink. I am sure that the first lecture in the Ken Hom Series, delivered by Lord Patten, will be an outstanding start."

The inaugural lecture will be held at Oxford Brookes University on Monday 15 September at 6.45pm in the Main Lecture Theatre, Headington Campus, Gipsy Lane, Oxford, OX3 0BP.