Foundation Art and Design students showcase 289 days of creativity

Tuesday, 06 June 2017

Foundation End of Year Show 2017

Students studying the foundation course in Art and Design at Oxford Brookes University will present their End of Year Show this Friday 9 June.

The exhibition is on display to the public from Friday 9 June to Thursday 15 June and features work from 90 students who will complete their studies at the end of this academic year.

Lucy Turner, Lecturer and Course Leader for Foundation Art and Design at Oxford Brookes University said: “The show entitled ‘289 days of creativity’ demonstrates a strong sense of social responsibility for many of the design students with themes focusing on wellbeing, mindfulness, sustainability, the eco conscious, re-fashion and a return to traditional crafts with a contrast in new technology.

289 days of creativity

"Its name is derived from the 289 days it takes for the students to reach the peak of their creativity on the foundation course from day one to day 289.  

"Concepts within the fine art student work cover science, new technology, politics and the raw expression of human emotion; all translating the experience of memory and perception into tangible form. There has been a lot of experimentation with materials and traditional techniques such as printmaking and photography. A few students couldn't help but include Brexit in their thoughts.

Its name is derived from the 289 days it takes for the students to reach the peak of their creativity on the foundation course from day one to day 289.

Lucy Turner, Lecturer and Course Leader, Foundation Art and Design, Oxford Brookes University

“Whatever the theme there is one thing that is absolutely certain, the students have worked unbelievably hard with grit and determination; the results being work that is of a very high standard across all disciplines. It shows how far they have come in the 289 days of being on foundation and gives them such an incredible start to a degree.” 

The End of Year Show will be on display in the School of Arts, in the Richard Hamilton Building on the Headington Campus from 10.00am to 5.00pm. 

For more information contact +44 (0)1865 484722 or email

Foundation Art End of Year Show

In April this year Oxford Brookes launched its new Social Responsibility Framework which highlights the social and environmental impact the University has on its staff, students and communities. 

The Framework aims to bring the ambitions expressed in the University’s mission and vision to life by providing an overview and sharing stories of the many initiatives at Oxford Brookes and beyond that have a positive social or environmental impact. 

You can read more on the new Social Responsibility webpages.

Images: Artwork by Fenella Evans, Iona Tweedie and Bhrogan Woolfe