Fourth annual OutBurst festival proves a hit with the Oxford community

Thursday, 21 May 2015

OutBurst Robbie

The fourth annual OutBurst Festival, which took place on 7-9 May, once again proved to be a success with the Oxford public.

The festival took place at Pegasus theatre and gave Oxford Brookes’ leading researchers the chance to bring world-class, innovative research projects to life for staff, students and members of the community; young and old. 

We are already looking forward to OutBurst 2016 and will be putting out a call for events and exhibitions in the autumn.

Angus Phillips, Head of the School of Arts, Oxford Brookes University

In the year of Oxford Brookes’ 150th anniversary celebrations, this was a special and memorable festival with some individual events of the day selling out. 

Researchers and members of staff from across all four faculties of the University came together to showcase 25 interactive workshops, exhibitions and performances. 

Drawing comic books

Oxford Brookes’ resident robots, Artie the Humanoid and Robbie the Nao proved to be a huge hit. Audience members got the opportunity to control Artie, sing songs and enact extracts from famous movies. Robbie, although smaller compared to the full-sized Artie, was no less impressive as he walked, danced and joked with the audience. 

‘Drawing with Light’ demonstrated the technique of creating images with long exposure photography and torches. A part-drawing, part-choreographed performance, participants moved coloured lights around the stage space to draw in the air. The long exposure photography captured the movements to create beautiful, complex images. 

Artie at OutBurst

Dr Giuseppe Donati, in his event ‘The Real Madagascar: Saving the Lemurs’, spoke about the emergency plan set up to halt the threat of the extinction of lemurs and why they are vital to understanding our own biological history. 

Magic Camp at OutBurst

Angus Phillips, Head of the School of Arts said: “The festival is now in its fourth year and we were delighted to be working again with Pegasus. 
“The events included drama, sound art, creative writing, storytelling, music, drawing your own comic book and much more. 

“We are already looking forward to OutBurst 2016 and will be putting out a call for events and exhibitions in the autumn.”

Information about the OutBurst festival can be found on the dedicated web pages.