GCSE records tumble at the Oxford Academy

Monday, 06 September 2010

The Oxford Academy has achieved another year of record-breaking GCSE results.

The Oxford Academy has achieved another year of record-breaking GCSE results.

“We have not only improved; we have blown away previous achievements,” said the delighted Principal Mike Reading.

Sixty-three per cent of pupils achieved five or more GCSEs at grades A* to C and 32% five or more at grade A* to C including English and Maths.

“The headline figure of 32 per cent is three times the score of three years ago,” said Mr Reading. “More and more students are experiencing the thrill of success. One in five of our grades was an A* or A.”

Oxford Brookes co-sponsors the academy – as well as its role as trustee and governor, the University provides support and expertise for the academy’s students and staff.

For pupils, this includes a scheme where they receive academic mentoring with opportunities to experience higher education and take part in university activities in the academy’s specialisms of sport and maths.

Oxford Brookes’ Westminster Institute of Education (WIE) works with the school to plan and evaluate curriculum initiatives as well as the professional development of academy staff.

Individual students have excelled: Emily Melville had the highest number of points for all of her subjects (where grades are converted into a number score) while Sheldon Brackett achieved seven grades at either A* or A. Emily Melville, Leyton Paget, Megan Jones and Karim Khan all secured 13 grades at A*-C.

Forty students at the Academy achieved at least one grade A*.

Added Mr Reading: “These students have achieved their very impressive results alongside others who have overcome exceedingly tough personal challenges and obstacles. They know that our excitement is just as strong for their success.”

Hilary Lowe, Associate Dean of WIE (pictured) said: "We are absolutely delighted that the tremendous hard work and commitment of staff and students has led to such excellent results and congratulate Mike Reading and his school most warmly. “

Later this year the academy will be moving into a £33 million new building, which will create much improved surroundings, more opportunities for students and will motivate them to even greater success.