Historian launches new book at National Maritime Museum

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Historian Dr Glen O'Hara launched his latest book during a talk at the National Maritime Museum.

In the 20th century, Britain’s national destiny seemed to be decided in the skies, during the Battle of Britain, and on land, as in the trenches of Flanders. Events such as these helped prevent the collapse of western democracy.

However, those examples have obscured earlier descriptions of the British as a maritime and ocean-going people.

Oxford Brookes' head of  history Dr Glen O’Hara argued, during a talk at the National Maritime Museum (NMM) to launch his latest book Britain and the Sea Since 1600, that a deeper look into British national identity demonstrates how important the sea was to Britain’s defence during two World Wars and the Cold War.

The lecture, entitled 'Green, White and Blue Nation: Britain, the Sea and National Identity Since 1600'  discovered how definitions of Britishness changed during modern eras and how they were played out against a background of maritime endeavour.

Glen is the author of a number of books. Britain and the Sea Since 1600 is published by Palgrave Macmillan, priced £18.99.