Judaism; Christianity; Islam. One Religion or Three? Public lecture by Karen Armstrong

Friday, 13 April 2007

Exploring the acute differences between the world's great religions as well as their profound similarities.

Karen Armstrong has been called the most provocative, original, and inclusive thinker on the role of religion in the modern world.

At the invitation of the Institute for Historical and Cultural Research, Karen will be giving a public lecture at Oxford Brookes on 19 April. She will explore the acute differences between the world's great religions as well as putting the spotlight on their profound similarities.

Karen is the author of the international best seller, A History of God, published in 1993 and now sold in 32 languages across the world. The book traces the evolution of the idea of God as interpreted by the great thinkers of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, from their roots in pagan traditions of the Middle East up to the modern day.

Karen has described herself as a freelance monotheist, saying, "I draw sustenance from all three of the faiths of Abraham. I can't see any one of them as having the monopoly of truth, any one of them as superior to any of the others. Each has its own particular genius and each its own particular pitfalls and Achilles' heels."

Before becoming a prolific writer on religion and fundamentalism, Karen spent time as a Catholic nun, studied English at St Anne's College, Oxford, and had a career as an academic and school teacher as well as a brief stint in British TV where she became a well known secular commentator on religion.

Karen's lecture at Oxford Brookes is one of a series of public events hosted by the University's Institute for Historical and Cultural Research. The Institute brings together researchers from different disciplines that share common strands of history or culture. As well as promoting inter-disciplinary research, it runs events and seminars to share its expertise with the wider community. Karen Armstrong's lecture forms part of its 2006-7 research theme 'Religion and the Public Sphere'.

Event details

Judaism, Christianity; Islam. One Religion or Three?
Thursday 19 April, 6-7pm
Lloyd Lecture Theatre, Oxford Brookes University, Headington Campus, Gipsy Lane

For further information contact Dr Louise Durning: ldurning@brookes.ac.uk