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Thursday, 26 September 2013

UniPod Social Media Rankings 2013

A new report has ranked Oxford Brookes in the top five most social media-connected Universities in the UK.

The rankings were compiled by the student advice and information website theunipod.

UK higher education institutions were graded on their use of social media, taking into account numbers of Facebook ‘likes’, Twitter followers and YouTube channel subscribers.

This position shows that the University’s commitment to engagement with current and prospective students, as well as the general public, is recognised as a hugely successful part of the University’s commitment to the student experience and external relations.

Social media platforms are a quick and effective way for the University to connect with large numbers of people, but it is also hoped they facilitate the building of lasting, two-way interactions.

Social and Digital Media Manager Tim Gibson, who is tasked with running the University’s social media presence, said: “We put a lot of effort into supporting our social networks to develop meaningful relationships. This provides an engaging environment for on-the-go access to content and, wherever possible, around the clock support for our global following.

“Our social media numbers continue to grow and we currently have 75,000 likes on Facebook, over 13,000 followers on Twitter and we're approaching 450,000 views on YouTube. The great thing about our social media channels is that it is now being driven by those using these networks and a real community feel is firmly established.

“This latest ranking reflects Oxford Brookes' on-going commitment to providing outstanding support to our students and our desire to develop meaningful relationships beyond their time with us."

Last week’s rating builds on the successful growth of the University’s Facebook presence, reported last year by social media researchers Social Bakers.

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