Magna Carta teaching resources launched for local schools

Monday, 20 April 2015

Magna Carta logo

Alongside Oxford Brookes’ 150th anniversary, 2015 marks the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta, considered by many to be the most important document in British history.

During this year we are very proud to be an official part of national events celebrating the Magna Carta, in partnership with the Magna Carta 800th Committee who have made a grant of £15,000 to support the University’s Oxfordshire Schools Project.

As part of the project Oxford Brookes University is offering a range of events and activities to schools and colleges in Oxfordshire and beyond to engage young people with this historic document and the issues it still represents today, such as rights,liberty and freedom. These include a one-day symposium and a challenge to young people to create a physical response to the Magna Carta.

Oxford Brookes is delighted to have the create a range of innovative and interactive activities for young people within Oxfordshire.

Michelle Montgomery, Project Manager for Oxfordshire Schools Project, Oxford Brookes University

As well as delivering events and workshops, academics have created a Magna Carta Resource Pack for primary and secondary school teachers to help stimulate critical discussion of the meaning of the Magna Carta, the ideas it contains and the relevance of these to life today.  Hard copies of the pack have been sent to all state primary schools and secondary schools in Oxfordshire and are available to download on the Magna Carta pages of the website.

Project Manager for Oxfordshire Schools Project Michelle Montgomery said: “Oxford Brookes is delighted to have the opportunity, thanks to support from the 800th committee, to create a range of innovative andinteractive activities for young people within Oxfordshire and beyond that help them explore the ideas contain within the Magna Carta.

“Other events, such as a Magna Carta themed photography competition are planned for later in the year which will give everyone an opportunity to think about issues such as liberty and rights in society today.”

You can keep up to date with the events Oxford Brookes will be running over the coming months via the newly launched Oxford Brookes Magna Carta blog. Targeted directly at young people, the blog will also include regular links to further information about the Magna Carta.