More new spaces open in Sinclair as building nears completion

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Sinclair fourth floor

The refurbishment of Sinclair moved a step closer towards completion this week as the newly completed fourth floor opened.

Students and staff have now moved to the new spaces, which will enable new approaches to teaching, research and study within the building.

The University’s psychology activity is now based there, with brand new research and testing labs. These purpose-built areas will support research, including into visual cognition and memory, effects – and measuring – of brain stimulation, and tracking and analysis of movements of the body.

A large, dedicated computer lab, with specialist software is also located on the floor to support psychology students with their studies and research.

In addition, some activity from the Department of Biological and Medical Sciences is also housed on the fourth floor, further supporting vital research into cell modelling, alongside additional student computer study areas.

The completion of this floor means that all but one area of the Sinclair building has now been refurbished as part of a more than £21million investment in the building.

Other floors have seen brand new laboratories for biological and medical sciences teaching and research and the Sinclair Annex has become the purpose-built home to the University’s bioimaging unit. The building has also been entirely re-clad, enhancing its appearance and improving energy efficiency.

The ground floor is the final area to be refurbished. Beginning in January, new space for the Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work will be created, which is expected to be complete in summer 2019.

More information about the teaching and research activity undertaken within the building can be found on the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences webpages.