New issue of Research Forum magazine available

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Research Forum Winter 2017/18

The Winter 2017/18 issue of Research Forum is now available, covering research news from across Oxford Brookes University.

You can download it (PDF) here and view past issues.

This edition features four more recipients of the Research Excellence Awards 2017/18, finding out about how the funding is enhancing their research projects. The Awards were launched in 2016 as part of the University’s commitment to supporting research-active academics.

Protecting our pollinators: Dr Andrew Jones, Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology and Genomics, discusses a project that aims to develop insecticides which target pests more effectively but are safer to the environment and our bees - all through testing natural plant extracts.

“To thine own self be true”: Dr Katharine Craik, Reader in Early Modern Literature, reveals how Shakespeare’s plays from centuries ago are helping unravel a present day issue of our increasingly digital personas.

Wellbeing in the workplace: find out from Dr Christian Ehrlich, Senior Lecturer Business and Management, about developing a model to reduce mental health illness in the workplace though positive goal setting.

Transforming workplace training with the latest AR technology: Dr Fridolin Wild, of the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics, has been trialling how wearable technology, such as Augmented Reality (AR), can be used in the workplace to enhance practical learning.

You can also read about the University’s involvement in Oxford’s Curiosity Carnival which took place in September, the new Public Engagement Network, plus a roundup of research news from across the faculties.

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