Oxford agencies focus on response to tsunami

Monday, 08 December 2008

Major research programme focusing on how disaster agencies responded to the tsunami is discussed by city's leading humanitarian centres.

A major research programme focusing on how disaster agencies responded to the devastating Boxing Day 2004 tsunami is being discussed in Oxford on Tuesday 9 December by two of the city’s leading humanitarian centres.

Oxfam International and Oxford Brookes University’s Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP) are organising the workshop, which coincides with the closure of Oxfam’s tsunami research program.

The tsunami resulted in the largest relief effort in history with the initial need for essential supplies and then a focus on rebuilding homes and reviving livelihoods.

People from around the world will gather at Oxford Brookes to discuss key findings from Oxfam’s tsunami research program and consider what they mean for future disaster responses.

David Sanderson, Programme Leader for the MA in Development and Emergency Practice at Brookes, said: “This was the worst natural disaster in modern times.   All our research and teachings show that humanitarian work is more effective if strong community relationships are in place.  How to ensure this happens, when communities have been devastated, is extremely challenging and is the focus of this research.”

A full report into the disaster will be released by Oxfam International later this month.